Treatment Modalities


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Individual Therapy

Have you ever heard, "No man is an island"? What does this mean to you? I believe, that there is an inherent need for all of us to connect with other people. Some of us may prefer to connect with only the closest people in our lives, while others prefer to meet and form connections with as many people possible. Individual therapy will provide you the opportunity to explore interactional patterns you currently have with those in your life. By doing this, we will evaluate what changes may need to happen in your life, in order to effect those interpersonal relationships for the good, and identify which individual decisions that will move you forward towards pursuing the life you want to have.  


Couples Therapy

I'm sure we have all heard, "It takes two". This is certainly true when it comes to discussing the creation of wonderful moments in a relationship, such as enjoying an evening sunset together, or experiencing a new country together for the first time. However, have you considered that both partners of a relationship also contribute to the failures? We are all imperfect beings, and when two imperfect beings make commitments to "never" let the other person down, "always" make the other person feel happy, or to "never" hurt their partner, reality will inevitably uncover how such commitments cannot be sustained. This is not because you or your partner are "bad" or mean-spirited people, rather, our imperfections will be exposed over time. In couples therapy, we will explore vulnerabilities that are arising within one or more partners, identify breakdowns in communication, and work towards resolution. No therapist can ever promise to salvage the relationship between you and your partner. However, change will be necessary to improve or save the relationship. I vow to walk with both of you through this time, provide support and encourage you to try new things for the sake strengthening your beloved relationship. 

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Family Therapy

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live."--Pope Saint John Paul II. To say that "family is important", is to minimize the role of family in each of our lives and in the society we live in. Family therapy is crucial to uncover unhelpful family patterns that have created dysfunctional dynamics, and paralyzed the family from growing in a healthy manner. The parental dyad may be severely weakened for various reasons, and as a result, the foundation of the entire family unit may be compromised. You may have an incorrigible child who has been the scapegoat for the problems in the family, masking other ineffective interactional patterns that exist. In family therapy, the therapist views all members as valuable. The therapist will challenge all members to actively contribute to the healing of the family unit, foster unity and promote positive and fulfilling interactions between family members, and with the larger society.