Child Victims
Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, 
Emotional Abuse, Abandonment, Development of Unhealthy Life Views in Response to Trauma

Victims of Violence
Sexual Assault, Stranger Rape, Date-Rape, Families of Murder Victims, Sex Trafficking, Gang Violence

Grief and Loss
Reactions to Unexpected Death, Violent Death, Traumatic Death, Unresolved Grief

Domestic Violence
Physical Abuse, Sexual Coercion, Fiduciary Abuse, Mental Abuse, Emotional  Shaming

Cognitive Distortions
"Catastrophizing", Black or White Thinking, Overgeneralization


Lack of Motivation, Loss of Inner Drive, View of Dismal Future, Suicidal Ideation, Suicidal Attempts

Effecting Relationships
Isolation from Family and Friends, 
Withdrawing from Previously Enjoyed Activities, Losing Intimacy with Partner

Effecting Work
Calling Out Often, Not Motivated to be Your Best, Write-Ups, At-Risk of Losing Job

Feel Lost without Deceased Person, Negative Outlook on Life as a Result of Death, Lost Reason to Continue Living, Difficulty Connecting with Others, Difficulty Concentrating at Work

Loss of Faith
Have you stopped believing, in response to a traumatic experience?

Family Conflicts

Dysfunctional Communication Patterns, Lack of Meaningful Interactions, Constant Fighting and Arguing, Domestic Violence

Poor Conflict Resolution
Physical Abuse, Impulsive and Angry Reactivity, Authoritarian Parenting Style

Difficulty with Children
Bullying, Non-Developmentally Appropriate/Expected Adolescent Defiance, Child At-Risk for Arrest, At-Risk of Detainment, History of Running Away, At- Risk of Not Matriculating, Rebellion in Response to Marital Conflicts or Divorce, Loss of Loving Relationship with Parent

Teen Issues
Difficulty Fitting-In, Negative Peer Influences, Fear of Failure, Teen Relationships, Pressure to Have Sex, Teen Violence, Teen Pregnancy, Negative Self Image, Lack of Motivation in School, Gang Involvement, Difficulty Talking to Parent, Difficulty Planning for the Future

Couple's Conflicts

Poor Communication about Love, Needs, Wants, Respect, Finances, Rearing Children, etc.

Pre-Marital Counseling
What Does Marriage Mean to You? What Does Love Mean to You? Unrealistic Expectations, Honeymoon Phase, Trust

Marital Challenges
Loss of Job, Loss of Child, Co-Parenting, In-Laws, Where to Live, Respecting One Another, Lack of Intimacy, Demonstrating Love, Demonstrating Respect, Absent Spouse, Trust

Trust Has Been Broken, Desire to Repair Trust and Restore Relationship, Hostility, Blaming the Other Person, Lack of Accountability, Considering Divorce, Forgiveness