If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ... We need not wait to see what others do.
— Gandhi

The Change Companion

Thank you for visiting The Change Companion. At this point in life, you may have realized that change comes whether we prepare for it or not. Change can seem like a frightening, monumental task, however it can also be a beautiful solution that invigorates your life. 

Take time to think back to when you were in grade school. Remember your family members, your circle of friends, your memorable home, your love interest, your high hopes, that special birthday, and your unfulfilled dreams. In addition, please consider that accident that you had, the death you experienced, the broken friendships, the person who may have violated your trust, the guy or gal who walked away from you, the kid who picked on you, and that unforgettable, scarring traumatic experience.

Now that time has passed, please reflect and consider how you have changed as a result of the specific combinations of experiences that are unique to you. What has changed? What caused the changes? Who or what has influenced your life? What amazing experiences have you had? Perhaps someone you love, chose to stop loving you, or maybe you find that your love has faded for them. Has someone passed away from this world and you don't  know how to live without them? Have you lost your job, that has caused your role to shift within your family?

Over time, all of us have developed a personal vision of life based on the various values that were instilled in us, and beliefs that we embraced, practiced or rejected and replaced. Your unique life experiences has brought you to where you are today. There are many circumstances in life that have the potential to alter our life paths, and we must be able to recognize this. Perhaps you have experienced episodes of depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, self-loathing, irrational fears, or feelings of inadequacy in response to your individual personal experiences. Now, might be the time that you have realized, that change needs to happen, if you are to reclaim the life you envisioned many years ago. 

At The Change Companion, I offer psychotherapy that can help you to begin your search within, towards rediscovering your strengths and use those strengths to regain control over your life.  Change happens all around us whether we want or not. I will challenge you to become intentional about the changes you want to see in your life, and in your world? Becoming intentional translates to taking an active and responsible role towards creating such change. Confronting difficulties and challenges, should not be faced alone.

Sometimes we just need someone by our side as we prepare to face such life challenges. At The Change Companionyou'll feel supported as you embark on an intentional challenge to shift your life path, because you've recognized that it's just not working anymore, and in fact, it might be hurting you. I believe that you have been searching for help at this time because you've accepted that something has got to give.

When you seek help at The Change Companion, you will first learn that I will not take the role as the expert in your life, rather I view my role as an extra character in your book of life, where you are the hero of your story. You may view God or another high power as the author of your book, but still, you are the intended hero. I want to help you realize your superpowers, because all heroes have them.

Please contact The Change Companion today, and start becoming intentional about the changes in your life.


Thank you for visiting, 

Veronica at The Change Companion